The Hottest Game of the Year..On Sale this week first 25 callers get it for $2995, save $500 This is a BRAND NEW Merit MegaTouch EVO GAMETIME for HOME USE ONLY that comes complete with a 2 year warranty! Call 1-800-966-9873 to order now
Megatouch is the leading touchscreen entertainment system that brings your family and friends together for hours of fun and challenging play. Packed with over 90 of Merit's most popular games, Megatouch EVO appeals to players of all ages and skill-levels. The beautifully crafted flatscreen console helps complete any room of the house, and is the perfect complement to existing game rooms and other entertainment products.

Megatouch Software Features:
Over 90 games in 9 categories
Play games in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, British English, Latin American Spanish
My Merit account lets you track your high scores & game play
Video Posters allow you to design & post your own messages

Take your game to the next level by connecting your Unit with Mega-Link. With the Merit-Link system, your game will connect to the Merit Central Server and give you access to a number of exciting and exclusive online features*, including: New games that can be downloaded from Merit's Web site, Internet access and Email service via MegaWeb, Hot Topics games that feature refreshed content Unlimited tournament play via TournaTime
Other Touch Screens Available

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